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"Fixing FASFA"

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation x

Young Invincibles

In the Fall of 2017, I joined three other students from across the United States to personally share the impact that the current FASFA policy had on our educational paths.

Working with Young Invincibles we prepared our stories in the leading weeks and upon arrival, we participated in a testimonial video for the foundation. Following, we met with Bill Gates to share our stories and express why we believe this issue was one of great importance. 


Today, "Fixing FASFA" is part of the mission of the Post-Secondary Sucess Focus for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  


Gubernatorial Candidate Forum for

Latino x Student voters

During Chicago's primary season for the 2018 Gubernatorial Race, I partnered as the Lead Student Organizer through City Colleges of Chicago and Young Invincibles with Latino Policy Forum to invite the candidates to Harold Washington College for a forum. 

CCC students and Latino leaders heard directly from gubernatorial candidates at a gathering aimed at inspiring voter engagement. Univision Anchor Enrique Rodríguez moderated the event and it aired live on Univision and CANTV.  As the first 2018 election event to focus on issues impacting Latino families, Encuentro provided candidates with the time to outline their vision and field questions from students and Latino leaders.

With Young Invincibles, I helped seven students prepare their testimonials and questions for the candidates. The event was well attended by both students and community members, as well as the press.  

"Beyond Personal Branding"

Young People For 2019 National Summit

Developed and Facilitated with

Lauren Malotra-Gaudet

Lauren and I met in 2013 as part of the annual fellowship from Young People For.

To acknowledge our five-year reunion, we developed "Beyond Personal Branding" to help people find ways to better utilize their personal stories for applications, grants, and more. 

We approached the topic with the intention of sharing it among other marginalized people as a way to reclaim their narrative without allowing it to be seen or feel like "trauma porn". 

The session was well attended with positive feedback. 

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