Coaching v Consulting: What is Right For You? 

Budget and personal needs will help determine what package style is best for your situation.
Generally, you can consider Coaching to be a DIY option where I am helping support you to reach your goal.
A Consulting package typically has more deliverables that I will develop on behalf of the client. 

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DEI Coaching 

My DEI Coaching allows me to support you to better understand topics related to social justice and intersectionality, while creating welcoming spaces for diverse folks to unpack tough topics. 

I offer both one on one coaching and group coaching! Each offer clients a different type of space to learn, grow and be accountable.

  • Hard Q's & Tough Answers One-on-One Coaching 

  • DEI One - on - One Coaching (3, 6, or 12 month commitment)  

  • DEI Group Training​ 

Topics are based on the interest of the client and our learning schedule will be outlined together in initial meetings. 

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Public Good Media 

Need help making your Podcast shine? 

That's what I help do over at Public Good Media. 

As the resident editor, I get into your show to make it truly sparkle and bring your audience into the conversation. 

Get in touch to Carin and I about wrap around Podcasting Services! 


Inclusive Marketing Coaching + Consulting

Work with me to learn how to highlight your personal journey around social issues as they relate to your business or brands social impact goals.


As your Inclusive Marketing Coach + Consultant  I'll work with you to find meaningful and powerful stories in your own life along with developing genuine means to discuss your personal connection to your social impact issue(s).

I've been helping brands and businesses create authentic connections with their audiences by using a unique blend of raw vulnerability, radical transparency, and honest storytelling; and I want to help you!  

04 - Collaboration

K+D Marketing Collective

Do you have a large project that needs an all-star team of like-minded marketing experts to get the job done? From Copywriting, Social Media, Branding, and Inclusion - we offer a comprehensive group package. 

Sound too good to be true? Let's talk! 

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