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Headshot of Sara, a bald baddie with a houndstooth B&W blaxer and purple dress. She is fat,and white

A passionate creator
focused on telling underrepresented stories through innovative means. 

Sara began her career as a student organizer within the University of Wisconsin system. After dropping out of college after her sophomore year she began to focus on studying the injustices of our world through an intersectional and community-focused lens. Leaving Wisconsin for more opportunities, Sara continued to develop her voice while working various service jobs in Chicago.

In 2015 she enrolled at Harold Washington College, one of the seven City Colleges of Chicago. As a returning student, Sara was committed to earning high marks while also continuing to speak to the inequities within our communities.  

Sara was an active student leader while attending HWC, serving as both the Student Government Association Public Relations Officer and as the inaugural Communications Intern for the College President's Office.  In both roles, she helped further progress the mission of the college while she increased the visibility of the work that the City Colleges do for the entire city of Chicago. 


Upon graduating in 2017 with high honors in her Associate of Arts degree in Political Science, Sara transferred to Smith College in Northampton, MA. She graduated from Smith in May of 2021.

Sara was admitted under the Ada Comstock Program, which is designed for exceptional non-traditionally aged undergraduate women to engage in a rigorous liberal arts education. She was an American Studies major, focused on Social Movements and a Film and Media Studies minor with a focus on Production. 


While in school, Sara continued to grow professionally, managing the communications outreach for the Jill Ker Conway Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, freelancing her social media and digital outreach skills for documentary films, and developing her entrepreneurial mindset through participating in various Entrepreneurship Challenges and Competitions, including the

2020 Stanford Innovation Challenge; Sara was one of the 2021 Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards from the Grinspoon Entrepreneurial Initiative.

Today, she is working with Kite + Dart as the Equity + Inclusion Designer for K+D Marketing Collective while also running, Crip Consulting. Sara also is an Inaugural Advisory Committee Member for a nonprofit focused on destigmatizing suicide awareness in marginalized communities and hosts her own podcast Influencing the Influencers.  

Behind The Scenes.

Sara has been able to work as an advocate, community organizer, and student leader in her time and has developed a unique lens to approach storytelling.


Thorugh grounding her work in an anti-colonial understanding of the world, she seeks to understand how other narratives have been used to silence the ones she works to unearth.  Her work is collaborative and she actively strives to uplift other marginalized creators whenever possible. ​

A Camera pointed at a former lesbian bar from across the street in Chicago.
Sara with Gordon Quinn.

Sara's work has a focus on representing the LGBTQ community, People of Color, Disabled folks, women/femmes, and the working class in an authentic and people-first way. 

Sara has collaborated on projects with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Young Invincibles, and Young People For. In 2019 she was one of six summer interns with Kartemquin Films, and the following summer, she was a remote Communications Fellow with the organization.  

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